Diabetes Care & Education

Diabetes Care & Education

Teaching patients skills, and how to use the tools they need to manage their condition.

Diabetes Care & Education

24 million Americans—nearly one in 12—have diabetes. It is the seventh-leading cause of death in the United States. Here in New Hampshire, about 84,500 adults are living with Type I or Type II diabetes.

Our NCH affiliates are committed to helping people with diabetes live longer, healthier lives through diabetes care, education and lifestyle management programs. The goal is to provide medical services and empower patients with knowledge to better manage diabetes.  Diabetes control reduces the risk of diabetes complications such as heart disease, stroke, blindness and amputation. Diabetes is controllable – you can do it, and we can help.

To learn more about our Diabetes Self-Management & Education Program, click here.

Medical Services for People with Diabetes

  • Bariatric services
  • Education and self-care skills as needed
  • Understanding of diabetes disease process
  • Nutritional management and counseling
  • Physical activity – exercise evaluations and personalized plans
  • Medication – pills, insulin and other diabetes injectable medicines
  • Preventing, detecting and treating acute complications
  • Preventing, detecting and treating chronic complications through risk reduction
  • Goal setting and problem solving; psychological adjustment
  • Pregnancy management, pre-conception care and gestational diabetes management

Our Diabetes Education Programs are recognized by the American Diabetes Association as meeting the National Standards for excellence in diabetes education.  Please check your insurance for coverage.

For more information regarding Diabetic Care and Education, please call Berlin (603) 326-5692, Colebrook (603) 388-4305, or Lancaster (603) 788-5659.

Diabetes Care & Education Providers