Addiction & Recovery

Addiction & Recovery

A multidisciplinary treatment center for individuals dealing with an addiction to drugs, opioids, alcohol, and all substance use disorders.

Addiction & Recovery

Are you or someone you know experiencing problems with addiction?

The Weeks North Country Recovery Center is here to help.

  • Are you addicted to drugs, opioids, or alcohol?
  • Is your addiction negatively impacting your day to day life? Your family? Or your relationship?
  • Is money becoming a problem?
  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired due to addiction?
  • Is your life not going the way you want it to?
  • Let us help you get back to living well.

The Weeks North Country Recovery Center is a multidisciplinary treatment center for individuals dealing with an addiction to drugs, opioids, alcohol, and all substance use disorders. Our program utilizes medication assisted recovery (MAR), case management services, substance use and mental health counseling, and group psychotherapy as an aid to recovery. Most of all, we are a caring, non-judgmental, people-focused program designed for you — and you alone.

We understand that people dealing with addiction are all in a different place and face a different set of experiences. Recovery won’t be the same either. That’s why we work with you where you’re at, with no judgment, and develop a plan that’s best suited to get you on the road to recovery. We know that people tend to avoid treatment due to shame or embarrassment. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable, to help you improve your life, and not feel like another number. We aren’t like other recovery programs. We’re here for you.

Our team of experienced professionals consists of specialists in addiction and recovery featuring both medical and behavioral health staff from Weeks Medical Center. Our focus is on your total care and recovery — and getting you back to you.

Services at the Weeks North Country Recovery Center include:

  • Medication assisted recovery (MAR) using Suboxone and Vivitrol
  • Individual substance use counseling
  • Individual mental health counseling
  • Recovery skills groups
  • Anger management groups (open to all, addiction-related or not)
  • Acudetox (ear acupuncture)
  • Mindfulness counseling
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Connection with a primary care provider
  • Walk-ins welcome at Littleton location
  • Treatment available at all Weeks Medical Center clinics

Our Mission:

The mission of the Weeks North Country Recovery Center is to facilitate and improve access to substance use disorder treatment through screening, assessment, and referral to both internal and external treatment and other resources.

Our Patient Goals:

  • Decrease mortality among patients with substance use disorder.
  • Improve our patients’ quality of life — helping them stay out of jail, reunite with their children, enter and maintain employment, and obtain and maintain housing.

Our Program Goals:

  • Decrease mortality
  • Increase retention in the program through ongoing assessments
  • Decrease opioid-related overdoses
  • Decrease medical Nd substance use disorder cost
  • Narcan distribution
  • Removing barriers to insurance, primary care, medical care, and social determinate
  • Decreased use of other substances
  • Decreased diversion
  • Defining clear and person-centered treatment plan
  • Establishing primary care provider

Choose the best path to recovery.

6 Convenient Locations:

  • Lancaster Clinic
  • Whitefield Clinic
  • Groveton Clinic
  • North Stratford Clinic
  • Weeks at Mt. Eustis Commons in Littleton
  • Colebrook

Walk-ins are welcome at our Weeks at Mt. Eustis Commons office in Littleton, Monday through Friday.

Call us at 603-444-2277 to start improving your life.

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