March 13, 2020

North Country Healthcare Incident Command Center opens. Clinical and support staff fitted for personal protective equipment and purifying air respirators.
“The providers and staff of North Country Healthcare partners continue to monitor COVID-19 developments and are working closely with the New Hampshire Hospital Association,” commented Tom Mee, RN, BSN, MBA, System, Chief Executive Officer, North Country Healthcare.

Steps which New Hampshire residents can take now to protect themselves include:

• Staying home and avoiding public places when sick (i.e. social distancing)

• Covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing (into your sleeve and not into your


• Washing hands frequently

• Avoiding being within six feet (close contact) of a person who is sick

• Avoiding sharing drinks, smoking/vaping devices, or other utensils or objects that may transmit saliva

• Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces